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Not only did the band play popular Rock-N'-Roll tunes of the day, they also wrote and played their own original music.Not only did the band play popular Rock-N'-Roll tunes of the day, they also wrote and played Girl of My Best Friend/Sneaking A Round. Recorded 1962 in Nashville, Tennessee - By Ricky Vac -  Drums - Buddy Harmon, Guitar - Scotty Moore. Keyboard - Floyd Cramer. Bass Guitar - Bill Black. Vocal Background - The Jordanairesd their own original music. Jimmy Harris (the bands guitarist) composed three instrumental, the first of which, 'Rock-A-Way Boogie* became the bands theme song. The second tune was 'Dream Theme', and the third was "Doo Flicky Junction" a song named after a popular intersection in a black neighborhood of Berea.

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Rockabilly/R&B    Wednesday, 22 April 2015



 Ricky teamed up with Paul Ticherich (the piano player) to write 'Colleen", a song about a native gal from Berea who occasionally sang with the band. When Ricky was just sixteen he went to Cleveland and recorded a song he wrote titled "My Baby's Gone". Jack Scott picked it up and released it on one of his albums and it became a national hit.


They played some cool music for us ana they really looked "tuff" in their white shirts, black pants, and red ties. Ricky Vac came over and gave out autographed pictures to some kids to join his fan club. Everyone had a real swinging time I'm sure.

The club was also opened Sunday afternoon from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. If you went to the club Sunday you were probably wondering why Kay Nix haa on that red tie. It was because Ricky Vac a recording artist came over Sat. an sans a couple of sones. Kay asked Herbie to ask Ricky for the tie. Ricky said if she could get it off she could have ro And it looks like she did.

While Ricky was dancing, during the middle of one of » his songs he asked Judy Bodmer to join him. Then he asked if there was any talent in the group. Lenore Kasdorf and Pete Thomas sang "Hey Paula'* and they dia a very good job.

Well, be seeing you next weekend.

Sharon and Sally

The band began to play live on radio station KWY's (a 50,000 watt clear channel powerhouse) program called "The Road Show" which was broadcasted from a restaurant located at the top of the Sahara Motel in downtown Cleveland. The Rock-A-Ways were the anchor band for the show. The band also played on television and appeared at many civic events in the area, as well as touring other states.

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